Branding vs Advertising

Branding and Advertising both are crucial parts of marketing strategies and are often mistaken as the same. While they both share the same goal of increasing revenue, they have their own different ways to do so. This post will help you clear the confusion between these interrelated terms caused by similar end result which will eventually result in substantial growth.

Branding vs Advertising


If you go by definition, Branding is the practice of creating a positive and lasting image of a company or product that makes it easily identifiable. While practising it, you will realise how deep it actually is. Branding is all about identity. It tells clearly tells who you are, what your product is and why the customers should choose you out of others?

What is a Brand Image?

How long will it take you to think of Cadbury Dairy Milk when I use the word chocolate? Is McDonald’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I talk about tasty burgers and fries? This is what a Brand Image and its power is. Brand Image is the perception of a brand in the minds of the customers. Since different people have different perspectives, maintaining a consistent Brand Image is a big challenge for any Brand.

The key points to keep in mind while making an effective Branding Strategy are:

Logo and name

Must have heard of the saying, the first impression is the last impression. In marketing, the logo and name of the company serve as its first impression; while it is not the last impression, it still is one of the most important impressions of your brand. It is a visual representation of your brand and is the first thing that comes to the minds of customers while thinking about your product or service.


Let me give you an example for a better understanding of the importance of atmosphere in Branding. Imagine, if you want to grab a coffee in the evening, which place would you prefer to go to? 

  • A place where you get to hear the honking of all the vehicles with uncomfortable chairs.
  • A place with DJ lights and everyone dancing
  • A place with soft music, free wifi, comfortable accommodation and greenery all around.

Undoubtedly, 9 out of 10 people would choose the third option. This is why a suitable atmosphere is necessary. Since it directly impacts user-experience, make sure it gives the exact feel that you want your brand to convey.

Work Environment

Your employees are walking representation of your Brand. An unsatisfied and frustrated employee will only talk ill about the brand whereas an employee who is happy with his job will not only be most-efficient but will also talk good about the company. Since employees are the closest to any organisation, they directly affect the authenticity of the brand.


Can you name a company that never advertised its product or service and is still successful? No, you can’t because it is not possible. The primary objective of advertising is to spread the word about what the company or organisation has to offer, it can be a product, a service, a discount or anything that would interest a customer. It is all about increasing sales through different possible means. It is usually done through sales, coupons, radio and TV ads, OOH and DOOH sites.

Maintaining a constant Brand Image is as important as creating one. Advertising is required to remind the existing customers that you are still there. It also creates brand awareness by telling them about the services, features or information they are unaware of.

Advertising is done to remind the audience of their needs and tell the exact path to get them. It also urges them to buy things they do not want by showing them tempting discounts, features and variety. It affects the purchasing decisions of the buyers and results in boost of sales.

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