Why Brand Story-telling is important and the right way to do it

Why Brand Story-telling is important and the right way to do it

A lot of people have a misconception that brand stories are about the company, which is not true. In the story of your Brand, customers are the main lead while you are in it as a supporting character. 

Not sure how to write the perfect brand story? Running out of words to explain your relationship with your customers? We got you covered. Here are some tips that will guide you to a perfect engaging Brand Strategy. 

Forget About Marketing

Sales, revenue and ROI  are all secondary things, the most important part is your relationship with your clients and customers. This might sound illogical but for successful marketing, you need to stop thinking about marketing and profit. Prioritise on building healthy and long-lasting relationships with your customers and the profit will come to you on its own as an add-on. Instead of focussing on marketing, we need to focus on emotions. Whatever your story has to say, it should be persuasive, interesting and engaging. Share your experiences, your weaknesses, strengths, challenges faced by you and how you reached the point where you are right now.

Be Human

Being yourself is a must to build trust. Don’t exaggerate or write something that did not happen, just to increase the interest of people. Don’t be too formal. Keep it short but keep it real. Think of it as a conversation between you and a new friend. Don’t dwell over perfect grammar or punctuation, just write what you feel. Don’t try to sound smart. If you have built a strong product, it is enough to give you a smart image in the market. Write your real story in the least possible words so that readers don’t lose interest in between. Adding on lies to make your story interesting will only ruin your brand image and will shatter the trust gained, as the modern and smart readers quickly differentiate between what’s true and what’s not.

What to write

Before you start writing your story, answer a few questions: why you started this company and how? How did you get the idea of your product/services? Why did the employees chose to work with you? What is your motivation, mission and vision. Try to answer these subtly and directly without beating around the bush. Once you have answered all these questions, try to give a transparent view of the employees that helped you reach where you are today. Try to tell the positive things about your company that both your employees and customers embrace. If you still find it difficult to choose the right words, your customers are the best option to go to. Try using the words and expressions they use to describe your brand. You can also use the descriptions chosen by your own employees.

Every story portrays a different image, make sure that your story portrays you as a genuine, authentic, real and transparent organization.

The Right Choice of Words

All the success stories have something or the other in common. The only thing that makes a story unique is the way it is said. The tone, style and voice of the story should always be decided according to the readers. Always serve what they would like to eat. Usually, people like casually written conversational tones. Choosing the right words is the most difficult yet crucial tasks. No matter how casual your story is, never ever use anything that can offend the reader. Once, offended he will immediately lose interest. Try to choose the most interesting words while forming your sentences. Make sure it tells the user everything that your company/website offers.

DOs and DON’Ts of Brand Storytelling

  • Don’t try to write a long 4-5 paragraphs of essays as the readers might lose interest in between and get bored.
  • The brand story is very important for any Brand but it is not a PR Stunt so you should not try to turn it into one. 
  • It should not be written with an aim to manipulate the audience instead it should be written to develop a strong and healthy relationship.
  • It should not be reserved for the marketing team only. It should embrace all the pillars that helped the company stand.Something reserved for the marketing team only.
  • Choosing the right words to form beautiful sentences and adding on spices are two completely different things. Always try to avoid the latter.

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